Unfinished Darnitsky railway station

Darnitsa station arose in 1899 in connection with the construction of the Kyiv-Poltava railway. Simultaneously with the appearance of the station, railway workers began to settle on the site of Lesnaya Street (now Grodnenskaya Street). On the other side of the railway tracks, a holiday village arose, called Novaya Darnitsa.

The building of the station’s station was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War; in its place in 1945, according to the design of the architect Pyotr Krasitsky (he was also a co-author of the project for the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and was involved in the design of the Dnepr metro station), a temporary station was built, and in 1953 It was his project that the station building was built, which existed until its demolition in 2003.

Then it was planned that in the future the complex would include a main station for long-distance passengers with a capacity of 2,700 passengers, a station for commuter passengers for 1,600 people, a central and transit underground tunnel with exits to the platform. The station building was supposed to be 6 floors high (the seventh floor was technical), and under the station there would be a metro station on the Syretsko-Pecherskaya line. The station’s daily capacity is designed for 14,600 people, the total building area is almost 71,000 square meters, and the commercial area is over 24,700 square meters. The estimated estimated cost of construction was 1.7 billion hryvnia.

Unfortunately, the construction of the station (as well as Darnitsky railway-road bridge is popularly known as the “Kirpy bridge”, which eventually completed after a long break), after the death in 2004 of the then general director of Ukrzaliznytsia and Minister of Transport and Communications Georgiy Kirpa, it began to slow down and after a couple of years the facility was completely abandoned, without even freezing the almost completed building (all that remained was to actually cover it with a roof). As of 2018, all construction cranes were removed from the unfinished Darnytskyi station; the building, due to lack of conservation, has fallen into disrepair and is most likely subject to demolition.

In 2015, Ukrzaliznytsia wanted to complete the building and place its head office, shopping center and hotel there. An examination of the unfinished station was ordered, but after that there was no more news from the carrier.

Where is the unfinished Darnitsky railway station?