Attractions in Hydropark

In 1965, Kiev residents received another place to relax – Hydropark. Beautiful nature, proximity to the Dnieper, comfortable beaches have become a favorite vacation spot for Kiev residents and guests of the capital. The area of the new recreational zone was amazing – more than 365 hectares! There were sports grounds, restaurants, attractions and much more…

By the way, it’s worth talking about the attractions separately. After all, when entertainment for children appeared in Hydropark, every Soviet parent considered it his duty to take his child to have fun on all sorts of attractions at least once. The children’s eyes simply ran wild from the variety of never-before-seen attractions: Orbit, Chamomile, Sun, Centrifuge, Colliding Cars, Boats and even the Roller Coaster that appeared over time!…

However, during the Soviet era, the American Coaster was called the Russian Coaster. They were a building in the form of a high tower, more than 20 meters high, which had to be reached by elevator, and in the latter part of the attraction’s life, by walking up the stairs. The descent of the slides was similar to a bobsled track, which partially turned into a tunnel in the middle.

This is interesting!

The Russian Coaster attraction was captured in the movie “The End of Vacation” with the participation of Viktor Tsoi

The attractions operated until the mid-2000s. Most of them, after the collapse of the USSR, gradually fell into disrepair, as did the entire Hydropark. In 2014, all attractions were dismantled. The city government has been planning to turn the capital’s Hydropark into a local Disneyland for several years now, but so far everything remains unchanged (as of 2021).

Where were the attractions in Hydropark?