Kyoto Park

Kyoto Park is located in the Forestry area of ​​Kyiv and is designed in Japanese style. It extends parallel to Kyoto Street between the Chernigovskaya and Lesnaya metro stations.

Kyoto Park was founded in 1972 as a sign of friendly relations, immediately after the signing of an agreement on cooperation and development of the cities – the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto. In honor of the opening, as a gift from Kyoto, the park received a “square multi-story stupa” 5 meters high – a granite pagoda, a religious building in which relics are usually placed, and which has a beneficial effect on the surrounding area. All details and symbolism were borrowed from Japanese park culture. In the center of the park there is a rock garden (on Obolonskaya embankment there is also rock garden). Here you can see the seat of honor stone, a cave-like stone, a guardian stone, and a moon shadow stone.

Kyoto Park even has a pond with a real waterfall! Near it there are small thickets of irises and a small island, which can be reached via three nice bridges. The indescribable beauty of this green area is given by Japanese lanterns and a hill that repeats the contours of the well-known Mount Fuji, as well as a special selection of trees, each of which carries a certain meaning: a tree hiding a waterfall, a tree of the setting sun…

This is interesting!

The sakura alley of Kyoto Park was included in the Ukrainian Book of Records in April 2012. The length of the sakura alley was almost 1 kilometer, along which about 400 seedlings were planted.

Among the plants you can see century-old pine trees and Japanese maple. On September 3, 2011, together with members of the Japanese delegation, an alley of cherry blossoms was planted. The trees are planted in two rows along the inner side of the pedestrian paths and stretch for a distance of one kilometer along Brovarsky Avenue and number approximately 400 Dutch seedlings.

Where is Kyoto Park?

Kyoto street