Obolonskaya embankment

Obolonskaya embankment is considered one of the most beautiful places in Kyiv above the Dnieper at any time of the year and is longer than the no less famous Rusanovskaya embankment. It’s always nice to walk here alone, with friends or a loved one, and in the evenings there are often even more people here than on the main street of the country Khreshchatyk.

Obolon began to be built up with residential buildings in the late 1960s, the main development was completed between 1974 and 1980. When developing the development project for the area, much attention was paid to the natural conditions of the area. The area is built up mainly with 9 and 16 storey buildings, and is planned according to a special, honeycomb-shaped plan – the microdistricts resemble a honeycomb in shape. There is an extensive system of pump rooms, which are found in every microdistrict.

During the second period of development (since 2000), new, higher-rise (22-25 floors) comfortable residential buildings appeared on Obolon, built mainly closer to the Dnieper. Obolon began to be considered an attractive residential area. Almost at the very beginning of the Obolonskaya embankment you can look at a huge part of the object called “tunnels under the Dnieper (“Stalin’s tunnels”)”, which has survived to this day and is now located on the territory of Natalka Park. Also on the embankment there is mini park rock garden, Church of the Nativity and Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Where is Obolonskaya embankment?