Church of the Nativity

Храм Рождества Христова

The Church of the Nativity of Christ in Obolon is a continuation of a single architectural ensemble created on Obolonskaya embankment by the Capital Corporation, the architect of the temple was its chairman , People’s Architect of Ukraine Valentin Isak. He also acted as the only patron of the construction. The temple was built in … Read more

Natalka Park

Парк Наталка

In May 2017, the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko opened the second stage of the reconstructed Natalka park on Obolonskaya embankment and noted that this modern The park is the “gold” standard for all green areas of the capital. The Natalka tract between the Obolonskaya embankment and the Northern Bridge was abandoned for a long … Read more

Rock garden

Сад камней

The rock garden was created on Obolonskaya embankment in mid-2011. It was designed in the shape of a sail, which is very symbolic, since various water competitions are often held in the bay. There are 24 high basalt columns and 5 artificial ones, which are made in antique style. There are about 20 benches for … Read more