Museum of Communal Enterprise “Kievpasstrans”

The museum of the municipal enterprise “Kievpasstrans” previously had the names “All-Union Tram Museum named after the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution”, “Museum of the first tram” and “Kiev Museum of Electric Transport”. The museum was opened in 1927 in connection with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution as the “All-Union Tram Museum named after the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution” in the then abandoned Demeevsky tram park. In 1942, the museum was completely looted by the Nazis and after the liberation of Kyiv, due to the lack of exhibits, it was not restored. The museum was re-opened in 1992 in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Kyiv tram. Was located from 1992 to 2010 in Pechersk. In 2011, the museum moved to Pavel Usenko Street, 7/9, where the Darnitsky tram depot is located.

Before moving to the Darnitskoe depot, the museum’s exposition was located in one hall with an area of 40 square meters. Some of the models of trams, trolleybuses and monorails manufactured (undergoing major repairs) at KZET (Kiev Electric Transport Plant) were presented here. Extremely interesting were three prefabricated dioramas reflecting various stages of the development of Kyiv transport – “Beginning-Modernity” (1892-1992), “Years of War” (1941-1944) and “Our/Future Time” (1992-…) . There was a large map of Ukraine, which indicated all the cities that had, in 1993, or had in the past, a tram or trolleybus. A similar large map of Kyiv shows the tram and trolleybus lines that operated in different years.

The museum of public transport exhibited photographs, books, and documents telling about the history of the development of transport not only in Kyiv, but also in other cities. A unique library of books and magazines (most of which are French, American and English) and books, numbering about 5,000 copies from many countries, told about the history of transport around the world.

Since the end of 2009, due to the serious illness (and later death) of the head of the museum, the museum has stopped accepting visitors. In mid-2011, all the museum’s property was urgently transported to the territory of the Darnitsa tram depot, where it was left under the supervision of various employees of the enterprise who had no relation or interest in the museum. During the initial phase of renovation of the new museum premises, most of the funds (located right at the construction site) were seriously damaged (including one diorama that had become unusable), and some of the funds and exhibits were completely stolen.

The new premises of the public transport museum consists of a lobby, a corridor, two halls and 5 utility rooms, with a total area of over 200 square meters. In April 2012, with the arrival of a new manager, restoration work was finally started both on the premises and with the funds. Over the next few months, the museum’s funds were put in order, most of the repair and restoration work in the museum was carried out, the façade of the building was decorated, the area near the entrance was landscaped, the collection of full-scale samples was organized for the corresponding new exhibition of the museum (historical rolling stock), partially a site for storing the latter has been prepared and preparations have been made for the possibility of use for excursion purposes.

All 3 dioramas were restored, the entire photographic exposition and illustrating transport attributes were re-organized, as well as an exhibition of surviving (scale-free) models of tram, trolleybus and funicular rolling stock. One scale model (YUMZ T-2 trolleybus) and several laudatory stands dedicated to the Kyivpasstrans enterprise were added to the exposition. Also, one stand appeared dedicated to the first head of the museum – L. A. Livinskaya. In August 2012, a ceremonial demonstration of the museum to the head of the city took place. O. mayor – Popov A.P. The process of restoration work (almost completed) and the exhibition of rolling stock were demonstrated.

After this demonstration and until the beginning of 2013, the museum did not work because the director was fired. Since 2013, the museum has been headed by Lyubov Ivanovna Oleinik. Unfortunately, no more attempts are being made to develop the museum. Due to the complex and inconvenient system of pre-registration for excursions, it is significantly difficult to receive visitors. To make an appointment, you need to call the HR department of the Darnitsky tram depot, sign up for a tour there, and later call again and check whether the manager will come for the tour (she is not always on site).

Where is the Museum of Electric Transport (Public Transport)?

Pavel Usenka Street, 7/9