Residential complex “Dnieper Towers”

The Dnieper Towers residential complex consists of six separate sections 35 floors high, which in 2005 could have become one of the attractions of Kyiv, but they stand in the open air in varying degrees of completion and are gradually being destroyed.

In 1999, the Main Directorate of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs acted as the customer for the ambitious project of the Dnieper Towers residential complex. 120,000,000 hryvnia were allocated for the project; future residents were promised built-in water filters in each of the 890 apartments, metal-plastic windows and doors, air conditioners, a sports complex, cafes, shops and a landscaped network of lakes 5 minutes from the house. It was even planned to make a helipad on one of the houses. They wanted to complete the project by 2005.

In 2008, construction was completely frozen and 6 houses remained standing in varying degrees of completion. To this day, the Dnieper Towers residential complex migrates from one investor to another, who very quickly go bankrupt and pass the baton to the completion of, as they have already begun to be called in the city, the “Leaning Towers of Pisa”, further. In 2014, the Kiev City Council transferred this residential complex for permanent use to the Main Directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine.

This is interesting!

1. A couple of years after construction work stopped, it was noticed that the skyscrapers were noticeably lopsided. The buildings were built on unstable soil (washed out lakes), which was deep frozen, but due to long periods of inactivity and lack of maintenance of the houses, water began to accumulate in the basements. At the moment, the completion of the residential complex is a big question, since it is unlikely that it will be possible to run elevators there due to the slope of more than 10 centimeters from the vertical.

From the floors and roofs of the towers there is a panoramic view of the right and left banks of Kyiv, and you can also take in the entire Troyeshchyna and Rusanovsky Gardens. At the moment the object is guarded.

Where is the residential complex “Dnieper Towers”?