Tourist train station

During the Soviet Union, people who arrived in Kyiv or passed through it could often take a stroll in Pobeda Park. Since, according to a 1969 resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, a plan was adopted for the development of tourism and excursions in the country. Sub-clause 11 of this plan stated: to carry out the construction of tourist train parking stations, one of which has survived to this day and is located between the Livoberezhnaya and Darnitsa metro stations at the Kyiv-Dneprovsky railway station.

In the mid-1970s, a station was built at the Kyiv-Dneprovsky railway point to stop tourist trains and serve their passengers. There was an entrance to it from Brovarsky Prospekt, and buses with tourists could drive up almost to the trains. A parking lot was built near the station, which could accommodate 10 Ikarus buses at a time.

The station itself consists of 2 underground rooms separated from each other, which are located at a depth of 1.5-2 meters. It could be served by 4 trains at the same time. Inside, tourists could use a shaving room, ironing room, washbasins, laundry and toilets.

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1. The station had its own battery cabinets and could work without electricity for about 12 hours.

After the collapse of the USSR and the transfer of all trains to the central railway station, the need for such stations disappeared and they quickly fell into disrepair.

Where is the tourist train stop?