Chemical factory

Not far from the Southern Bridge and the Vydubychi metro station and very close to the never-opened Telichki metro station (project name “Construction Industry”) is located not only CHPP-5, but also many other industrial facilities, including abandoned ones. One of the most noticeable such objects is a chemical plant built in 1970 – its huge empty windows gape to the right of the highway leading to the left bank and are visible to metro passengers who make their way to the right bank.

Although the construction of the industrial zone on Vydubychi began relatively recently (in the mid-late 1960s), there is already no reliable data on those enterprises that were abandoned. The chemical plant discussed in this article is very often called a roofing felt plant for some reason. The original source of this name could not be found, as well as facts that would somehow confirm this name.

From photographs of chemical residues that remained at the plant (for example, hydroquinone, standard titer), we can conclude that organic dyes or medicines were produced here. Since CHPP-5 began its work only in December 1971, and the chemical plant was built in 1970, the enterprise was equipped with its own heat supply system – this is evidenced by the last 2 entries made in its work log. On March 14, 1984 at 16:30 the last shift was handed over and reported that the autonomous heating system was functioning normally…

Nowadays, the outer wall of the plant, that is, the facade that faces the highway leading from and to Southern Bridge, is often covered by huge advertising posters.

Where is the chemical plant?

Stroyindustry Street, coordinates 50.394776, 30.578939