Park Disk

Парк Диск

This small park with an area of 2.5 hectares in the Korchevatoye area was created in 1960. The park got its name from the summer cinema “Disk”, which was located in this green area. It also houses an artesian well pump room, a children’s playground, a family medicine clinic and an emergency medical service station. … Read more

Park Pokol

Парк Покол

The park with an area of 50 hectares is part of Goloseevsky National Natural Park. From a biological point of view, Pokol Park is a deciduous floodplain forest, which is located in the Pokol tract. The famous Kiev waterfall is located here (near the dam at the point where water drains into the Dnieper). Galerny … Read more

Chemical factory

Химический завод

Not far from the Southern Bridge and the Vydubychi metro station and very close to the never-opened Telichki metro station (project name “Construction Industry”) is located not only CHPP-5, but also many other industrial facilities, including abandoned ones. One of the most noticeable such objects is a chemical plant built in 1970 – its huge … Read more