USK tower crane base

The city of Kyiv, like any other ancient settlement, keeps many legends and myths about itself, and there are enough places that are shrouded in secrets to confuse any person. One of these places is the base of tower cranes of the Ukrainian Construction Company company in the Telichka industrial area. Since the mid-2000s, when the concept of “secret Kyiv” appeared (this is how all little-known locations, abandoned objects, unfinished buildings began to be called), Kievans learned about the existence of the “crane cemetery”.

It is not known for certain who proposed such a name for a completely banal object of a construction company as an equipment base. It is likely that there was embellishment for the sake of a “clarity” and to attract more visitors to the Internet sites of that time. When the real purpose of the “crane cemetery” became known, there were no fewer people who wanted to look at it. The base of construction cranes exists to this day – some cranes are brought here for storage and others are taken to work sites. Therefore, among visitors to the “crane cemetery” there is a widespread opinion that it is being dismantled, stolen, and the like.

If you want to visit the base of USK tower cranes, then keep in mind that the path there is long and inconvenient, and not entirely happy guards and a pack of well-fed local stray dogs who do not have much love for uninvited visitors may be waiting for you on the spot.

Where is the USK tower crane base (crane graveyard)?

Promyshlennaya street, coordinates 50.379167, 30.575556