Winter sports base “Vyshgorod”

The Vyshgorod sports base was widely known for its good training of athletes in luge sports in the USSR. It was at this sports base that Olympic Games participant Natalya Yakushenko trained (took part in 5 Winter Olympic Games; won 2 bronze medals; retired in 2010). The training complex operated until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Immediately after this, the management began to change, coaches were fired or they left due to lack of wage payments, and funding for the sports base was reduced to almost zero. In the mid-1990s, a children’s sports school that operated not far from Vyshgorod was closed.

After this, the bobsleigh track, along with the sports base itself, was abandoned to the mercy of fate – simply put, it was abandoned, since it did not bring profit at that time, and the country at that time did not have the opportunity to deal with such issues. In some places, the wooden elements of the route were dismantled for their own or other people’s needs, teenagers set fires or lit fires inside the route, and the remains rotted… After decades, the once grandiose complex turned out to be almost completely destroyed and attracts the attention only of lovers of abandoned places.

Today, the all-season complex “Vyshgora” operates here, which was founded in 2007. It has a ski slope 200 meters long, snow and water tubing, swimming pools, and a restaurant.

Where is the Vyshgorod winter sports base?

Vyshgorod, Vatutina street, 100