Park Pokol

The park with an area of 50 hectares is part of Goloseevsky National Natural Park. From a biological point of view, Pokol Park is a deciduous floodplain forest, which is located in the Pokol tract. The famous Kiev waterfall is located here (near the dam at the point where water drains into the Dnieper). Galerny Island also belongs to Pokol. Empress Catherine II visited the island, accompanied by Grigory Potemkin. The queen expressed a desire to continue sailing along the Dnieper from Kyiv. For this purpose, several dozen galleys – large rowing ships, as well as hundreds of small ships were built in Smolensk. From the spring of 1786, they waited for a whole year below the Telichka tract, in the bay, which was then, like the island, called Galerny. The squadron sailed from Kyiv on April 22, 1787, stretching for almost 3 kilometers.

Where is Pokol Park?

Naberezhno-Korchevatskaya street, 14 (coordinates 50.3712755,30.5623694)