Church of the Intercession

In the mid-15th century, next to the existing temple building, the Armenian Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary was located. On August 17, 1651, the army of the Lithuanian hetman Janusz Radziwill burst into Kyiv, as a result of which the Armenian church was burned – the remains of its foundations were explored in 1975 by the Kyiv archaeological expedition. In 1685, a wooden Church of the Intercession was built near this place. This church was dismantled, and in its place a new stone church was built, according to the design of the architect Ivan Grigorovich-Barsky (he was involved in the reconstruction of the church Our Lady of Pirogoschi and designed Nikolai Naberezhny Church). Regarding the year of construction, there are 2 versions: the first is 1772, the second is 1766. Although both versions are documented, modern historians and archaeologists are inclined to the second.

During the fire of 1811, the temple was severely damaged. When the dome was restored in the Baroque style, it was replaced with a dome in the classicist style, the division of the church into upper and lower was also abolished, and the stairs at the porches were dismantled. The decor of the facades was only partially restored. In 1824, a two-story building of a new warm church was added to the western facade. Arcade porches projecting from the north and south facades led to the upper church.

At different times, the Intercession Church was used for different purposes. From 1933 to 1946, it housed a branch of the Kyiv regional archive. Since 1946, the warm church was transferred to the use of the Orthodox community. In 1946 and 1948 the temple was repaired. Soon the temple was completely transferred to the Orthodox community. In 1950, a major overhaul of the church began, after which the designs of the domes and roof were significantly changed, and the basement and cornices were recreated. In 1960, the temple, renovated with church funds, was closed. Since 1969, its premises have been rented by the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments. The main volume of the temple was used for warehouses, and the warm church housed a production workshop. In the 1970s, restoration work was carried out in the church, based on historical information about the architectural ensemble. In 1981-82 the temple was restored again. Today the temple belongs to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

Where is the Church of the Intercession?

Pokrovskaya street, 7
Phone: +380442386916