Glow Art Embroidery Museum

The museum has a permanent exhibition that reflects improvements in hand-made thread production. Shown are samples of fabrics made from flax, hemp, nettle, tinted, lurex, pearl barley and other fabrics for embroidery. There are samples of ancient embroidery of plot paintings and Ukrainian national clothing of the 19th century. The museum introduces Ukrainian traditional embroidery and its symbolism, as well as embroidery from other countries of the world.

Among the museum’s exhibits:
– an egg embroidered on the shell, registered in the Ukrainian Book of Records,
– icons that glow in the dark (the author’s embroidery method is registered in the Ukrainian Book of Records),
– embroidery on paper (isothread technique), which was founded by the British,
– monochrome embroidery,
– vintage accessories for embroidery,
– embroidery canvas that dissolves in water,
– alphabet books, including educational ones, from which girls learned embroidery techniques,
– a miniature embroidered with the Holbein stitch and named after the artist Hans Holbein the Younger, in whose paintings you can see embroidery in the blackwork style,
– the flag of Ukraine, which can be seen thanks to the peculiarities of vision and technology, with closed eyes,
– embroidered pan, colander, grater,
– an embroidered portrait of the first president of America in which, as separate fragments, you can see a snail, a mouse, a bird, a fish…,
– embroidered plot paintings based on the works of M. Bilas, A. Durer “Hands”, Leonardo da Vinci “The Last Supper”, William Holman Hunt “Lamp of the World”,
– embroidered map of Ukraine,
– ties embroidered using elements of Tripoli culture.
The exhibition also includes embroidered illusion paintings. The museum has a rich library where you can get information about the ornaments of different regions of Ukraine and the world.

At the master class, children and adults will be able to try to embroider a small pillow or napkin on their own. Here you can compare ancient and modern catalogs of world-famous cotton floss threads from the French company DMC, which number 428 shades. In the catalog of shirt samples, according to which artel masters embroidered orders for the leaders of the USSR, you can find ornaments from different regions of Ukraine. Each museum exhibit is unique. To remember your visit to the museum, you can purchase souvenirs and skillfully made items of national color, decorated with embroidery. For those who want to try embroidering themselves – simple embroidery kits.

Where is the Glow Art Embroidery Museum?

Novodarnitskaya street, 15/1
066 025 88 78