Hotel Poznyakova (fake house)

Gavriil Poznyakov was born in 1857. He was an architect, civil engineer, entrepreneur and homeowner. Founded a company for designing utility structures on private estates. He bought land plots on which he built apartment buildings (hotels) according to his own designs, mainly in neo-Renaissance forms. The architect purchased the estate for the future fake house between the current Trekhsvyatitelskaya and Mikhailovskaya streets. In 1912, according to the design of the architect and engineer Vadim Katerinich, a unique five-story apartment building was built on the mountainside, the first floor of which on Trekhsvyatitelskaya Street is also the fourth floor from the courtyard. If you go into the entrance, you can see that the stairs lead not only up, but also down. After going down a couple of floors and walking along the corridor, you find yourself in the courtyard. Only here it becomes clear that the building has not three, as it seems from the facade, but five floors.

Where is the Poznyakov hotel (fake house)?

Trehsvyatitelskaya street, 11