Kyiv Academic Theater for Young Spectators on Lipki

The Kiev Academic Theater for Young Spectators on Lipki is located in a specially built building and is the oldest and traditionally the main theater stage in the city for young spectators. The theater premises are modern and comfortable, with two stages and auditoriums for 408 and 80 seats. The theater was founded in 1924 by Alexander Solomarsky and Irina Deeva, composer I. Vilensky as a state theater for children named after. I. Ya. Frank; the literary department was headed by A. Korniychuk. The first premiere – “Mowgli” by R. Kipling – took place on November 8 of the same year.

Outstanding masters of Ukrainian art collaborated with the theater – A. Buchma, V. Tatlin, A. Lundin, V. Vilner, K. Koshevsky, B. Vershilov, M. Foregger, Meller, and even K. Stanislavsky, who participated in the production of “Blue birds” by M. Maeterlinck. Staged between 1924 and 1941, such performances as “Mowgli” by R. Kipling, “The Nightingale” by G.-H. Andersen, “Ho” by Y. Mamontov, “Plato Krechet” by O. Korniychuk, “The Inspector General” and “Wedding” by N. Gogol, “Sorochinsk Fair” by N. Gogol, “The Youth of Taras” by V. Sukhodolsky, “Scheherazade” by D. Ognev, “Don Quixote” by M. Cervantes, “The Minor” by D. Fonvizin, “Sava Chaly” by I. Karpenko-Kary, “William Tell” by F. Schiller, “Shevchenko Morning” by V. Chagovets, “The Tradesman in the Nobility” and “ The Tricks of Scapin” J.-B. Moliere, “The Blue Bird” by M. Maeterlinck, “The Little Humpbacked Horse” by P. Ershov, “A Profitable Place” by A. Ostrovsky, “Childhood” and “The Bourgeois” by M. Gorky and others, became the pride and adornment of the repertoire of the Kyiv Youth Theater, as well as capabilities of the troupe.

In 1974, the institution was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. The theater carried out active touring activities throughout the republics of the Soviet Union and abroad. Since 1954, the Kiev Theater for Young Spectators has been located in the historical area of ​​​​Kyiv – on Lipki, Pechersk. After the collapse of the USSR, the theater on Lipki did not cease its activities and in the period from 1991 to the present time its team has repeatedly become the winner and laureate of various festivals and theater reviews. In 2004, the theater on Lipki was given the high status of “academic”, hence the institution received its modern name.

Currently, the repertoire of the theater on Lipki includes more than 30 performances, which represent a wide range of classical and modern literature – W. Shakespeare, J-B. Moliere, P-O. Beaumarchais, A. Chekhov, V. Nabokov, I. Franko, A. Oles, N. Gogol, M. Twain, the Brothers Grimm, A. Lindgren, O. Henry, Lesya Ukrainka, Lope de Vega.

Where is the Kiev Academic Theater for Young Spectators on Lipki?

Lipskaya street, 15/17
(044) 253-62-19