Kyiv Motorcycle Plant

The Kiev Motorcycle Plant was created in September 1945 on the basis of the former Armored Repair Plant No. 8. The first model, a single-seater light class motorcycle K-1B “Kievlyanin”, was manufactured in 1946 according to the documentation of the Wanderer-1Sp motorcycle using equipment received as reparations from Germany. Initially, the engine for the Kievlyanin was obtained through cooperation, but already in 1947 the plant began serial production of K-1B motorcycles with an engine of its own production. In 1947, the development of a three-wheeled motorcycle began, the company began work on the construction of production workshops and structures for the foundry and procurement shops.

In 1949, 100 specialists arrived at the plant, technical equipment and specialized equipment from the Red Etna plant (which had ceased production of military motorcycles of the heavy class M-72), preparations began for the production of M-72, the production of which was mastered in 1951. Since 1956, the plant developed and began producing a new, more improved model, the K-750. During the period from 1955 to 1970, motorcycle production was 45-50,000 units per year. Two testing laboratories were created as part of KMZ: road and sports equipment.

In 1959-1962, work was carried out at the plant to create delivery microtrucks. In 1959, the first model of the KMZ-1 “Kyiv” was built. The truck received a two-cylinder opposed air-cooled engine from the K-750 motorcycle (26 l/s), which was placed under the cargo platform, a four-speed gearbox and a drive to the rear single-wheel drive. The cabin is a two-seater aluminum cabin. The loading platform is wooden. The brakes and steering mechanism were borrowed from the ZAZ-965 passenger car. However, it was considered inappropriate to launch microtrucks in a large series.

Since 1972, the production of motorcycles MT-9 and MT-10 with a new gearbox and reverse gear has been mastered. Since 1976, the improvement of escort equipment began in Kyiv, and in 1978 the first batch of 25 special escort motorcycles was manufactured for the USSR Government. Subsequently, the plant mastered small-scale production of MT-14/9 escort motorcycles, which continued until the early 1990s. In 1977, the plant mastered the production of the Dnepr MT 10-36 motorcycle. In 1984, the plant began production of the Dnepr-16 motorcycle. In 1991, KMZ produced the first batch of single-seater motorcycles with an engine capacity of 650 cm³.

In 1995-1996, the plant mastered the production of the three-wheeled cargo tricycle KMZ-8.922 “Dnepr-300” with a carrying capacity of 300 kg, on the basis of which specialized motorcycles were produced for public utilities, trade, farming, forestry… But the fate of KMZ was already sealed. In 2002, the sale of unused premises began: building No. 7 (an unfinished galvanizing shop) and half of the factory building No. 12 were sold. In 2003, the second half of building No. 12 and the warehouse building were sold. During 2004, factory building No. 35 and the Orlyatko children’s camp, which was on the balance sheet of the plant, were sold.

By the fall of 2006, 20% of the plant’s space was leased; the main activity of the enterprise was the production of spare parts for previously produced motorcycles. The company also operated a line for the production of decorative and artistic glass. In 2006-2007, the last production motorcycles of the Dnepr brand were assembled from previously produced components by the plant. The economic crisis that began in 2008 and Ukraine’s accession to the WTO in May 2008 complicated the situation of the plant. In the fall of 2008, the plant produced spare parts for motorcycle models that were previously in production, trailers for passenger cars, and decorative glass products. In the spring of 2017, from spare parts and components previously manufactured by the plant, a collectible batch of “Dnepr Vintage” motorcycles was assembled, which became the last “Dnepr” motorcycles – the Kiev motorcycle plant ceased to exist, and its workshops are now in disrepair, all the equipment in them has been sold out or stolen.

Where was the Kiev motorcycle plant?

Khokhlov family street, 8