Literary and Memorial Museum of Maxim Rylsky

The Kiev Literary and Memorial Museum of Maxim Rylsky is located in the house where the last 13 years of the life of this poet, translator and public figure passed (1951-1964), in which he created his poetic works – the collections “Roses and Grapes”, “Winter Notes”, “Evening Conversations” The two-story house was built according to the design of Maxim Fadeevich himself. Many famous figures of Ukrainian culture visited here, both during the writer’s life and already in the museum, and various events were held.

Around the house there is a garden and flower beds planted personally by Maxim Rylsky. In front of the house, after the opening of the establishment, a bust of the poet was installed, and it opened on May 4, 1966. Rylsky’s sons Bogdan and Georgy, as well as his colleagues and friends – academician A. Deitch, poets N. Tikhonov, A. Tvardovsky, M. Isakovsky and the famous opera singer I. Kozlovsky took an active part in its creation. The Maxim Rylsky Museum received its first visitors in the summer of 1968.

The exhibition in the museum was changed, adjusted and supplemented three times – during its creation (1968), in 1985, and also after the collapse of the USSR in 2006. The collection of the Maxim Rylsky Literary and Memorial Museum includes things that surrounded the writer during his life, a large number of manuscripts, as well as the poet’s personal library, in particular, books signed by the authors. The museum, operating in the poet’s house, combines both memorial and biographical features. The exhibition was housed in 8 rooms—museum halls.

Of particular value, in addition to the personal belongings of Maxim Rylsky, the museum contains manuscripts of his works, the poet’s correspondence, works of fine art from the 1940s to 1960s, film and photographic documents. In the museum you can also listen to recordings of the poet’s voice. The general fund of the museum numbers about 10,000 items (including the library). Nearby is a picturesque park, which bears the name of Maxim Rylsky.

Where is the Literary and Memorial Museum of Maxim Rylsky?

Maxim Rylsky Street, 7
09:00 – 18:00, closed on Monday and last Thursday of the month
(044) 525 24 71