Monument to Gogol’s nose

The monument to the nose with a mustache was erected in 2006 at house number 34 on Andreevskiy Spusk, and in 2011, during the move gallery “Triptych” to Desyatinnaya Street 13, the monument was also moved. The author of the sculpture is Oleg Dergachev, who created a sketch and figurine of a nose with a mustache and donated it to the “Triptych” gallery where he previously worked. According to legend, it was on Andreevsky Spusk that Gogol, on a bad November day, at the first sign of a runny nose, came up with the idea for the story “The Nose,” because all the writer’s thoughts revolved only around his own nose. The characteristic shape suggests that the prototype of the monument was the writer’s truly colorful nose. But in the story, as you know, the nose belonged to the collegiate assessor Kovalev and he was walking not along Andreevsky, but along Nevsky in St. Petersburg, where, by the way, in 1995 the monument “Major Kovalev’s Nose” was erected. In any case, in Kyiv there is a full-fledged monument to Nikolai Gogol, which is installed in the microdistrict Rusanovka at the beginning of Rusanovsky Boulevard.

Where is the monument to Gogol’s nose?

Desiatinnaya street, 13