Mamaeva Sloboda

In the 17-18th century, these lands belonged to Mikhailovsky Golden-Domed Monastery. Among the oak groves above the source of the Lybid, in approximately the same place where Mamayeva Sloboda is located (a settlement is a type of settlement or city district in the history of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: at the time of its foundation, the inhabitants had liberation (“freedom”) from local feudal lords (boyars) and were in the service of the state), there was a monastery apiary with a farm and a pond. The open-air museum Mamaeva Sloboda was opened in 2009. In the center of the architectural ensemble, which numbers more than a hundred objects, is the Cossack wooden Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a bell tower, similar to those that stood on the Zaporozhye Sich during the time of Bogdan-Zinovy Khmelnitsky.

Not far from the church, on a hill among a small field of wheat, you can see a windmill – a symbol of peaceful agricultural Ukraine. Further, above two lakes covered with reeds, lilies and water lilies, there are the estates of the headman, the Cossack-dzhur, the Cossack elder, the blacksmith with a forge, the potter with a pottery workshop, the fortune teller, the tavern of a Jewish shopkeeper, as well as an apiary and a water mill. Estates consist of structures that differ in their economic purposes: these are barns, sheds, stables, cellars, sheds, barns and the like. This traditional Ukrainian landscape is complemented by a market square, a town hall and a Cossack garrison.

The main goal of Mamayeva Sloboda is to recreate Ukrainian rituals and traditions. During national and religious holidays, folk festivities take place on the territory of the settlement. Also here you can get acquainted with the features of the architecture and art of the Ukrainian Baroque, learn the features of life and everyday life of the Ukrainian Cossacks. Interactive excursions are held for tourists, where you can try on a real Ukrainian outfit, salute from a Cossack cannon, and learn the art of a bell-ringer. Master classes on folk arts and crafts, as well as folk studies lessons, are held regularly. Adjacent to the museum is Otradny Park.

Where is Mamayeva Sloboda?

Mikhail Donts Street, 2
10:00 – 17:00 (every day)
044 361 98 48