Monument to Hetman Mazepa (Eternal Kyiv)

This is the first rotating monument in Ukraine, it was installed on January 19, 2009 on the observation deck near the Palace for Children and Youth, from the Alley of Heroes Krut. Previously, this place was the site of the St. Nicholas Military Cathedral, which was blown up during the USSR. The sculptural composition also has another name: “Eternal Kyiv”. The sculpture was created by the world famous Israeli sculptor Frank Meisler. The monument is installed in such a way that when viewed from the palace, it is located opposite the domes of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, on on the territory of which several churches were built at Mazepa’s expense.
The monument represents a flying dove mounted on a ball, which is framed by reliefs of cathedrals and churches built at the expense of Hetman Mazepa. The dove consists of two parts connected at the beak, which symbolizes the unity of Left-Bank and Right-Bank Ukraine. The dove’s tail, consisting of two halves, wraps around the ball and Mazepa’s church. The entire composition is installed on a granite pedestal and rotates around its axis.

Where is the monument to Hetman Mazepa (Eternal Kyiv)?

Ivan Mazepa Street, 13