St. Panteleimon Monastery

The Panteleimon Monastery is located in an area that was formerly called “Lazarevshchina”. At the request of the first bishop of Chigirinsky, Feofan, in 1802, this tract became a farmstead at a country vicariate house – the dacha of the eminent abbot of Mikhailovsky Golden-Domed Monastery. In 1802-1803, the first temple was built and consecrated here in honor of the Miracle of the Archangel Michael. Feofaniya Metropolitan Gabriel of Kiev blessed to call this area. Saint Innocent worked a lot here and introduced biblical names into Feofania. Bishop Seraphim in 1861 blessed the opening of a monastery in Feofaniya.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the monks of the Feofanievsky monastery turned to the consistory with a request to build a new cathedral, because the ones that existed in the monastery previously could no longer accommodate the huge number of parishioners. On July 16, 1905, according to the design of Evgeniy Ermakov (Makarievskaya Church), a large cathedral was founded. On July 1, 1914, the solemn consecration of the Panteleimon Church took place. Before the revolution of 1917, 4 churches were built in Feofaniya: the Miracle of the Archangel Michael, All Saints, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God and the Cathedral of the Great Martyr Panteleimon. St. Panteleimnovsky Cathedral was badly damaged during the Great Patriotic War. It was in this place that the line of defense of Kyiv passed in the fall of 1941 and the cathedral building was of very great military-strategic importance (a high-rise building from which one could conduct targeted fire), so the temple took on a terrible mortar attack. The fact that after the war the Institute of Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR conducted experiments with directed explosions in the cathedral did not add to the better appearance of the building.

On May 7, 1990, St. Panteleimon’s Cathedral was returned to the church and restoration work began. Since 1993, a monastery of the Kyiv Holy Intercession Convent was opened at the cathedral. In 1998, St. Panteleimon’s Cathedral was consecrated by Metropolitan Vladimir of Kyiv and All Ukraine, and since 2002, by the decision of the Holy Synod, St. Panteleimon’s monastery has become an independent cenobitic monastery. In 2005, a monastic building was built with a house church in honor of the miracle of the Archangel Michael with a bell tower.

Where is St. Panteleimon Monastery?

Akademika Lebedev Street, 19
(044) 522-50-73
morning service: 07:00 (Sun 08:30), evening: 16:00