Monument to Kyiv chestnuts

The monument to open chestnuts, the sculpture “Bronze chestnuts” and the monument to Kyiv chestnuts – the exact name of this art object, which appeared in Mariinsky Park in 2009, is now unknown. But we certainly know that the bronze chestnut, the author of which is the sculptor V. Osadchy, is dedicated to Kyiv mothers and newborn children. One of the halves depicts an ancient Trypillia symbol – a solar boat, which symbolizes the rebirth and continuity of life, and the chestnut tree itself is a symbol of our beloved city.

An action was timed to coincide with the opening of this monument. Young chestnuts were planted around it – they were planted by the parents of newborns from Kiev, who were born on June 1, 2009. 89 women who became mothers that day were given certificates for the right to plant a chestnut tree in the Mariinsky Park. Young parents planted trees with the names of their children in the park. All chestnuts have taken root and today they delight strolling Kyivans and guests of the capital.

Where is the monument to Kyiv chestnuts located?