Monument to Zheglov and Sharapov

The sculptural composition “The meeting place cannot be changed” was installed in honor of the 90th anniversary of the creation of the criminal investigation department of Ukraine and is dedicated to employees and veterans of the criminal investigation department, courageous and courageous crime fighters, whose calling is loyalty to the people and the law, dedication to official duties. Honor and glory to the “Zheglovs and Sharapovs” of the Ukrainian criminal investigation department, April 15, 2009. So says the sign that is installed next to the monument to Zheglov and Sharapov. The authors of the sculpture: Vladimir and Alexey Chepelik. An interesting element of the art object is that Zheglov steps with the toe of his shoe on the tail of a cat, which symbolizes banditry and is a symbol of the gang from the movie “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed.”

Where is the monument to Zheglov and Sharapov?

Akademika Bogomolets Street, 10