Temple of the Apostles Peter and Paul

The Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul began with an unsightly barracks, which consisted of block walls and a half-rotten roof. In 2000, a small community arose here, led by a priest. Over time, the parish grew and could no longer fit into the rented premises. On top of everything else, the regent appeared and with him a small youth choir. The rector of the temple turned out to be an icon painter, and therefore icons began to be painted in the church and even a simple but new iconostasis was erected. In mid-June 2007, particles of the relics of the holy righteous John the Russian were delivered to the temple.

Thanks to philanthropist Alexei Omelyanenko, the church got a chance to build a worthy religious building – he offered to buy the building rented by the church from Kyiv, and spend the money from the lease on the needs of the church. The authorities were not against receiving good money for an old and unnecessary building, and already in December 2007, the parish of the Holy Apostles became the proud owner of the building. But the parish became so large that in winter it was necessary to hold services with the windows open, so that those who could not enter the temple could pray outside. The parishioners began to get sick en masse, Sunday school was out of the question, and there was nowhere to baptize either children or, especially, adults. An attempt in the summer to make a small wooden extension to the building ended in a scandal from the residents of the neighboring house and refusal from the firefighters.

Thanks to many donations, construction of a full-fledged temple began, which was successfully completed in six months. On the second floor of the building there is a hall for Sunday school, a baptismal room, a prosphora room, a cellar room, a treasury room, an icon-painting workshop and several small cell rooms for priests. In August 2007, crosses on all 5 domes of the temple were consecrated. In the spring of 2013, bells were purchased and a bell tower was erected.

Where is the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul?

Teshebaeva street, 54A
(044) 400-66-99
09:00 – 19:00