Rainbow Park (Cherry Orchard)

Парк Радуга (Вишневый сад)

Previously, this was the famous royal Cherry Park, with rare species of cherries. In the 90s, despite protests from residents, it was ruthlessly cut down under the pretext of building an entertainment complex for children. A playground and a railway were built, but they never really worked. It was soon dismantled, and a house was … Read more

House of Culture on Vinohradar

Дом культуры на Виноградаре

The Vinogradar massif is located on the northwestern outskirts of Kyiv and was built up with high-rise residential buildings between 1975 and 1987. Previously, in its place there were vineyards, which, like in Priorka and the Windy Mountains, began to be cultivated by the famous gardener Wilhelm Christer in the city. Even today, the residential … Read more