Mormon Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often the name is shortened to Latter-day Saints and Latter-day Saints or Mormons) is a religious organization of restorationist origins, the largest branch of Mormonism. The organization was founded by Joseph Smith during the Second Great Awakening (1790–1840). The organization’s office is located in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA). Its congregations (parishes and branches) and temples exist in many countries around the world.

In Ukraine, Mormons have created more than 50 parishes and about 45 Sunday schools where the Holy Scriptures are studied. On August 29, 2010, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple was opened in Kyiv – it became the third largest Mormon temple in the world. The temple is located on the Ring Road at the entrance to the Zhulyansky Bridge. On the territory of the church there is a hotel for guests with all amenities, which can accommodate about 100 people.

At first glance, the Mormon Temple amazes with its scale – 3 five-meter floors. The height of the spire is about 42 meters. The church was built in a record time of three years using modern technologies. The outside of the church building is faced with light-colored granite.

This is interesting!

1. Mormons were persecuted in America because of polygamy allowed among them. Mormons settled in Utah in 1850 and abandoned polygamy 46 years later to become a legally sanctioned religion.
2. Mormons abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and tobacco. The moral code contains the law of chastity, which prohibits sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage. Church members from 19 to 25 years of age (men) must devote two years of their lives to missionary work – they go to preach in other countries; women over 21 years old – 18 months,
3. All members of the community pay a tithe to the church – a tenth of their income,
4. Parishioners are in the church exclusively in special, almost white clothes, and everyday things remain in the locker room.

Before entering the temple, all parishioners, without exception, put shoe covers on their feet. The interior of the church is something between a five-star hotel and a museum. Everywhere there is a marble floor, high vaults, instead of icons there are paintings of Jesus Christ in gilded frames. Yes, there are no icons or crosses here, because the only Mormon saint is Jesus. Unlike the solid interior volumes of ordinary Orthodox churches, there are rooms, halls and areas for teaching.

There is also a “sealing room” where husband and wife, father and son, undergo the ceremony of being reunited for eternity. Mormons believe that they will remain together in the afterlife if they perform this ritual during their lifetime. Mormons also perform the baptism of the dead. It is believed that by doing this in relation to any of their ancestors, the descendants provide him with eternal life.

Where is the Mormon Temple?

Yablonevaya street, 1
(044) 371-40-88