Museum of Microminiatures

The famous master of microminiatures Nikolai Sergeevich Syadristy was born on September 1, 1937 in the Kharkov region. After graduating from the Kharkov Art School, he entered the Kharkov Dokuchaev Agricultural Institute. Syadristy is a comprehensively gifted personality: a master of sports of the USSR, as well as the absolute champion of Ukraine in scuba diving and a wonderful poet. Awarded the title “Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine”.

He has been creating microminiatures for over 50 years. All miniatures are made only by hand, using technology unique to each work. The work of this master established in the world the emergence of a new word – “microminiature”, which previously was not in encyclopedias or dictionaries.
The art of Nikolai Syadristy has traveled across all continents, leaving an indelible impression on viewers from around the world. His works are most fully presented in the Moscow Polytechnic Museum, at the permanent exhibition of microminiatures in Kievo-Pecherskaya Reserve and in the Museum of Microminiatures in the Principality of Andorra.

The description of each of the miniatures is striking in numbers, measurable not only in millimeters – in thousandths of a millimeter. Syadristy’s hands created the world’s smallest operating electric motor; this device is almost 20 times smaller than a poppy seed. Among the microminiatures presented in the exhibition, almost every one is unique and inimitable: a rose in a human hair, a caravan of camels in the eye of a needle, a Coca-Cola bottle 2mm high and much more.

Where is the microminiature museum?

Lavrskaya street, 9 (building 5)