Syretsky dendrological park

Syretsky Dendrological Park is located in the historical part of the right bank of Kyiv – on Syrets. It has the status of “Park-monument of landscape gardening art of national significance”. The total area of the park is 7 hectares.

The basis of the modern Syretsky arboretum was a demonstration park of ornamental crops at a flower farm, established at the end of the 19th century by the owner of the farm, the German Meyer. Specimens and decorative landscape groups have still been preserved, including Far Eastern yew planted in 1875, oriental thuja in 1895, Engelmann spruce and prickly spruce in 1900, as well as Norway maple, common oak, and small-leaved linden from the same planting period. Of the total territory of the park, the historical part occupies about a third of the area, so we can say that this park is more than 125 years old.

The main work for a significant expansion of the park’s territory, for the formation of landscape compositions and the architectural and artistic appearance of the park as a whole, which can be observed at this time, as well as increasing the collection of ornamental plants, were carried out in 1950-1960, under the leadership of dendrologist Nikolai Aleksandrovich Ptitsin. During this period, about 500 species, forms, varieties of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants were planted. At the end of the 1980s, a reconstruction was carried out in the park, mainly aimed at improving the orderliness of the territory and enhancing the decorative qualities of the plantings.

The park, in addition to the centuries-old trees listed above, can be proud of a very large collection of thuja species (there are more than 25 decorative forms of thuja in the park alone); birch – more than 20 taxa, including very rare species for Ukraine – Erman birch (stone), Dahurian birch, cherry birch; spruce trees – more than 25 taxa. Also widely represented are species of the genus walnut, maple, spirea, rhododendron, barberry, and honeysuckle. Currently, the plant collection of the arboretum includes over 900 taxa.

The predominant number of species of ornamental plants are introduced, including those quite rare for the climatic conditions of Ukraine – tulip lyriodendron (tulip tree), western plane tree, ginkgo biloba, metasequoia, Japanese sophora and others. Some of the existing plant species are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine – cross-paired microbiota, European pine, Colchis boxwood, Carpathian bellflower, dwarf euonymus and many others.

Plants are not planted in a systematic order, but according to the principle of their decorative use in garden and park construction. Landscape groups and compositions were created in compliance with the principles of landscape design.

Where is the Syretsky Arboretum Park?

Vladimir Salsky Street, 43
09:00 – 18:00 (entrance to the park is paid)
(044)400-30-29, 400-33-20