Museum of Recycling Materials

Throughout their lives, people leave traces of their stay in the form of various wastes. Nowadays, garbage for archaeologists is an opportunity to learn about the life of people who lived many thousands of years ago. There is a place in Kyiv where very valuable things from the history and culture of Ukraine are presented. This place is the Kievgorvtorresurs recycling plant. On its territory there is a museum that contains interesting and sometimes priceless things that people wanted to simply throw away as ordinary garbage. They represent different eras and hobbies of our fellow citizens. Here you can see busts of the leader of the proletariat and red flags, reel-to-reel tape recorders, radios, televisions, cameras of domestic and foreign production, and even spinning wheels and other household items of our ancestors.

Each of these exhibits contains the history of its owners. Every item came here for a reason. Many residents of the capital brought old things, household items, simply because they were morally obsolete, broke, and it was a pity to throw them away. Some exhibits ended up accidentally in cars with scrap metal or other waste. All of them found a place in two exhibitions that are displayed on the territory of the plant.

One exhibition was located in a small room. Here you can see household items and small exhibits. No less interesting exhibits are located outdoors. Echoes of two wars of the twentieth century found a place here. They remind us of those events today.

Modern women are accustomed to electric curling irons, hot rollers and other items, but what did our great-grandmothers use to style and cut their hair? If you are interested, come to the Museum of Recycled Materials and look at the magical casket with antique objects that helped create exquisite images for beauties of the early twentieth century. The history of household appliances is represented by spinning wheels, irons, hair dryers and other household items of considerable age, as well as one of the first German-made vacuum cleaners.

Where is the Recycling Museum?

Evgeniy Malanyuk Street, 112
(044) 517 39 63