Railway Museum

The Museum of Historical Rolling Stock of the South-Western Railway was opened in 2011 at the Kyiv-Passazhirsky station. At first there were only 3 exhibits, but the museum very quickly was replenished with various railway equipment. The exhibition of the railway museum includes steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, an electric locomotive ChS4, railway cars, a trolley, a semaphore, a locomotive pump…

What can you see at the Museum of Railway Equipment?

– Steam locomotive SO17-4371 (was in working condition before being put on display, Voroshilovgrad Plant, 1949)
– Steam locomotive Er 773-59
– Steam locomotive L-3191 (Voroshilovgrad plant, 1951)
– Parlor car No. 70006 (1979)
– Parlor car No. 70139 (1910)
– Parlor car No. 70303 (1912)
– Tank car (1935)
– Covered wagon (1932)
– Diesel locomotive TE3-2068
– Diesel locomotive ChME2-333
– Electric locomotive ChS4-072 (factory series 52E3, year of manufacture 1968, operated until July 2011, appeared in the museum in March 2012)
– and much more…

The most important and interesting thing about this museum is that access is open to the carriages and cabins of all locomotives.

Where is the railroad museum?

Vokzalnaya Square, 1 (14th path)