Park named after General Potapov

The park was created in 1975 (named in honor of Major General of the Tank Forces Mikhail Ivanovich Potapov, commander of the 5th Army of the Southwestern Front, whose troops defended Kiev in the first months of the Great Patriotic War in 1941), from Vladimir Street Pokotilo green zone The central alley cuts deep into it, which is crossed along its path by several smaller side alleys. These alleys divide the park into unique small areas. At the intersection of the main alley with side alleys and paths, several circular open areas with trees in the center have been created.
The park’s green spaces include a variety of trees and shrubs. Deciduous tree species predominate – maples, chestnuts, lindens, poplars, and acacias. Coniferous trees are found in the center of rounded areas. On the territory of the park with a total area of 5 hectares there is a pump room with artesian water, a children’s playground and a cafe.

Where is the park named after General Potapov?