Plant “Burevestnik”

The Burevestnik plant specialized in marine instrument making, production and repair of radar systems, as well as the production of civil products. It was included in the list of enterprises of strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine.

The Burevestnik enterprise produced the following civil products:
– artificial lung ventilation devices,
– medical equipment for ambulances and hospitals,
– medical sterilizers for instruments, gloves,
– radio-electronic monitoring stations at sea,
– machines for counting banknotes,
– portable device for pressure testing of water supply and heating systems,
– energy-saving control devices for passenger elevators,
– automobile electric thermocooler – heater for drinks and baby food “Rosa”,
– VHF radio receiver,
– furniture hinges, guides.

The plant was created within the framework of the USSR military-industrial complex in 1967 and its main goal was the production of complex radar systems for the shipbuilding industry of the USSR. The radio-electronic surveillance systems produced by the plant were used in almost all fleets of the USSR (and the fleets of the post-Soviet states formed after 1991). The enterprise operated until 1991, and after the declaration of independence of Ukraine, the plant continued its work, becoming the leading enterprise of the new country in the field of complex marine instrument making.

In the period from 1996 to 2002, the plant developed a modernized version of the MR-244 Ekran radar station, which was named Burevestnik. In 2002, testing of the radar began, based on the results of which in 2006 the radar entered service with the Ukrainian Border Guard Service.

At the end of the 2000s, the Burevestnik plant was able to produce the following:
– radar stations “Burevestnik-1” for installation on sea vessels and coastal observation posts,
– high-tech medical equipment (ventilators, medical steam sterilizers), medical equipment, special medical furniture,
– carry out repairs and maintenance of radar, navigation equipment, as well as medical equipment.

Until 2008, the company continued to develop, based on the functional diagram of the Burevestnik-1 radar, the dual-frequency radar station “Burevestnik-3” (a mobile version of the radar for detecting small objects on a truck chassis). Since 2008, the plant completely ceased production activities (the Ministry of Health of Ukraine refused further purchases of its products) and began to undergo bankruptcy proceedings. In 2011, the Ukroboronprom concern included the enterprise in its structure, but this did not in any way affect the production processes, which remained frozen. At the beginning of 2015, Ukroboronprom announced that a decision had been made to preserve the personnel, scientific, production and technological potential of the plant, payment of wage arrears and personnel optimization had begun – some of the workers were laid off in compliance with the requirements of labor legislation, some were transferred to State Research Institute “Kvant”, part of it was left at Burevestnik to ensure production processes (in fact, production has not been resumed since 2008).

In July 2017, deputies of the Kiev City Council adopted Decision No. 691/2853 “On the approval of the DPT in the area of ​​the Dnieper embankment, Zdolbunovskaya street and Petro Grigorenka Avenue.” It provides for a radical reconstruction of the space between the Poznyaki and Bereznyaki microdistricts in the next 20 years. The built-up area is 226 hectares and the territory of the Burevestnik plant is included in their entirety. For this reason, we can expect that the once large and important enterprise for the country’s economy will completely disappear by 2030, and at the moment the plant and its equipment are slowly but surely being stolen.

Where is the Burevestnik plant located?

Zdolbunovskaya street, 2