Official Pet Cemetery

Since 2005, a project to build an official cemetery for pets with a total cost of almost 30,000,000 hryvnia has been circulating in the Kyiv City State Administration. In 2009, about 16,000,000 hryvnia were allocated for this, but as of 2018 the situation has not changed – if a resident of the capital dies a pet, he is forced to either bury it in one of the unofficial pet cemeteries (for example, the most famous one is located near Rusanovka, and the closest one from the failed official one is between Diamond Lake and Forest Cemetery), or order a cremation procedure.

Construction of the cemetery began in the industrial zone of Troeshchyna, next to CHPP-6 and asphalt plant on a site with a total area of 6 hectares. Getting there is very inconvenient, since you will have to walk 6 kilometers from the nearest public transport stop. The first thing you will see will be a one-story building that serves as the main entrance, with arches, tiles on the steps and metal-plastic windows. The territory of the pet cemetery is surrounded by a concrete fence. We managed to build a memorial hall, a workshop for the production of tombstones and name plates, and a nearby paved area for parking for visitors’ cars (which is now often used by local driving schools for various tests). The project even included a crematorium – all that remained was to build it, tidy up the area, and work could begin. In 2010, the cost of renting a burial place was already determined – 200 hryvnia per year. Cremation would cost 500 hryvnia. But that same year, construction stopped completely and since then there have been no changes or news about this facility.