Asphalt plant

Next to the unfinished official cemetery for pets there is also an unfinished asphalt plant (according to other sources, it was planned to build a waste incineration plant ). Construction began in the mid-1980s (almost immediately after the launch of CHPP-6, which is located nearby) on a site 500 meters long and 250 meters wide. Work on the facilities stopped after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Later, proposals were put forward to complete the construction of the plant, but officials decided that the operation of an asphalt plant within the city would have a negative impact on the environment and the health of its residents (by that time Troyeshchyna had expanded as much as possible and continued to acquire new residential complexes). At the moment, all buildings on the territory are in disrepair, the basements of most of them are completely flooded. As of 2018, the unfinished enterprise has no security, although in 2008 the land plot was sold as a vacant plot for 1,800,000 hryvnia (owner unknown).

Where is the asphalt plant?