Privokzalny Park

The 5-hectare park was created in 1970. It got its name because of the Darnitsky railway station (the station appeared in 1899), which is located opposite the green zone. Next to the existing station is located unfinished Darnitsky railway station. The total number of trees in the park is about 1000, bushes – about 900. The station park is divided into 2 parts by Yuri Paskhalin Street.

In one part there is a monument to fallen citizens and prisoners of war. In 1970, the remains of the soldiers who died here were reburied in the park and a memorial complex was erected. The composition of the memorial complex consists of two bronze figures of warriors, who personify the perseverance, courage, and heroism of dying but unconquered fighters. The inscription on the monument reads: “Eternal Glory to the Immortal Brave, who call the living to feat!” Officially, these were the liberators of Kyiv who fell in November 1943. But as it turned out later, the soldiers were victims of the Darnitsa tragedy, information about which, for a number of reasons, was classified by the Soviet government. At the beginning of April 1944, more than 5,000 recruits called up from liberated areas were destroyed by enemy aircraft, along with the station from which they were sent to the front. A memorial complex was erected at the reburial site.
In the second there is the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The wooden church was erected in 2007, the first liturgy was celebrated on May 14 of the same year.

Where is Privokzalny Park?