Protasov Yar

This historical area extends on the eastern slope of Batu Mountain along the street and descent of the same name (the descent in 2003 was named after Nikolai Amosov), which in Soviet times was called Stepan Razin Street and Descent. On the street, traffic was one-way up, and downhill, one-way down. Protasov Yar Street also received the popular name Georgian Military Road, since it passed through the forest and was a narrow, winding, but the shortest route from the central part of the city (New Building) to Solomenka, however, with virtually no public transport. In its lower part, Protasov Yar flows into the valley of the Lybid River, where the railway platform of the same name is located. At the mouth of the yar there is a branch of the city railway customs.

After the expansion of the street in the early 2000s, trolleybus route No. 40 was launched along the ravine, and on its right side in 1998 a mountain ski slope “Protasov Yar” with a lift. The sports complex is the base for the Olympic training of Ukrainian national skiing and snowboarding teams, the venue for all-Ukrainian and international competitions in alpine skiing and snowboarding, as well as an educational and training center for children’s and youth sports schools in Kiev.
After the expansion of the street, the lower part of the slope is practically not used – only during rare traffic jams, and by residents of several private houses along the slope. Near Protasov Yar there is the building of the former vaccine development laboratory and Bajkovo cemetery with crematorium.

Where is Protasov Yar?