Solomensky Landscape Park

Соломенский ландшафтный парк

Solomensky Landscape Park (Solomensky Forest Park) was founded in 1986 and has an area of 30 hectares. Most of the park’s territory is located within the Kuchmin Yar tract – a natural basin at the bottom of which the Mokraya River flows. When creating the park, significant earthworks were carried out – the slopes were … Read more

Kyiv Planetarium

Киевский планетарий

Kiev Planetarium is the oldest (founded in January 1952) and largest planetarium in Ukraine. In terms of dome size, it ranks second in Europe with a screen area of 830 square meters. More than 150,000 people visit the Kiev Planetarium every year. Today, the capital’s planetarium has turned into a unique scientific, educational, cultural and … Read more

Protasov Yar

Протасов яр

This historical area extends on the eastern slope of Batu Mountain along the street and descent of the same name (the descent in 2003 was named after Nikolai Amosov), which in Soviet times was called Stepan Razin Street and Descent. On the street, traffic was one-way up, and downhill, one-way down. Protasov Yar Street also … Read more

Nicholas Church

Николаевский костёл

Nicholas Church is a Roman Catholic church of St. Nicholas in Kyiv, used since 1980 as the House of Organ and Chamber Music. Construction of the Church of St. Nicholas began according to a competition design by architect S. Valovsky in 1899. The design of the building was carried out under the leadership of the … Read more