Solomensky Landscape Park

Solomensky Landscape Park (Solomensky Forest Park) was founded in 1986 and has an area of 30 hectares. Most of the park’s territory is located within the Kuchmin Yar tract – a natural basin at the bottom of which the Mokraya River flows. When creating the park, significant earthworks were carried out – the slopes were re-planned, native vegetation was destroyed, a new layer of earth was poured, new trees and bushes were planted.

Work on the development of the park took a very long time and was not completed even in 1991 – the fountain near the stairs from Volgogradskaya Street was not put into operation, the pools through which water from the source of the Mokraya River should move towards the lower part of the park were also not made operational . Lighting and benches were also not installed. Of the two public places, one was closed in the late 1980s, while the other was opened as an entertainment establishment in the 1990s.

Solomensky Landscape Park is valuable from the point of view of the authenticity of the landscape and the uniqueness of flora and fauna, as well as due to the presence in it of the source of one of the Lybid tributaries. The territory of the park is planted with deciduous trees (maple, linden, ash, birch, rowan), and there are many bushes. The park can be conditionally divided into 2 parts – the eastern, landscape part, with paths and cascades of pools, and the western forest-park part.

Where is Solomensky Landscape Park?