Puppet theater on the Left Bank

The Puppet Theater on the Left Bank, as a creative independent group, began its work on August 31, 1983 under the name Kiev City Puppet Theater. The history of the Kyiv municipal puppet theater consists of many years of creative activity without its own premises – in kindergartens, schools, cultural centers and clubs. From the day of the premiere until the theater had its own stage, 16 years passed. And only in 1997 the team settled in the building of the former cinema “Rovesnik”, not far from the Chernigovskaya metro station, where it remains to this day.

During its existence, the theater has toured almost all of Ukraine with productions, and also went on tour to Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk, Tashkent, Chelyabinsk, and Sochi. The theater’s performances received awards at international puppeteer festivals in Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Mexico, and France. The creative approach and love for their work of the main director and actors of the theater have been repeatedly awarded with awards for best directing and acting. The theater team has many honorary certificates, diplomas and seven Kiev Pectoral theater awards. In October 2007, the puppet theater on the Left Bank was given academic status.

The theater operates a number of performances in the “Open face” style, when the viewer observes the presence of an actor on stage together with a puppet, and sometimes without it. The actors do not “hide” behind a screen, but play on stage in a “live plan”. The repertoire of the Kyiv Municipal Academic Puppet Theater consists of fairy tales from the peoples of the world. The team performs productions based on famous works by Wilhelm Hauff, Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, Astrid Lindgren, Alan Alexander Milne, Hans Christian Andersen, as well as works by famous Ukrainian playwrights Vsevolod Nestayk, Grigory Usach, Efim Chepovetsky and other authors. There are no age restrictions in the productions of the puppet theater on the Left Bank; everyone in the auditorium should be interested. The theater’s current repertoire includes more than 40 performances for youth, adult audiences and, above all, for children.

Where is the Kiev Municipal Academic Puppet Theater?

Miropolskaya street, 1
+38 044 513 15 00
+38 098 340 02 39