Gray theater of sensual psychoanalysis

The Gray Theater appeared in 2013, its organizers and ideological inspirers are Vincent and Wilhelmina Mettel. The theater attracts not only with its intriguing name, but also with its direction and style. Why is the theater called Gray? It’s not about color at all, as it might seem at first glance. The answer is not so simple… First of all, it is a theater that gives food to the gray matter, which defines theater visitors as thinking and intellectual people. Secondly, this is a counterpoint contained in the qualitative component, because the gray color is considered boring and uninteresting, and theater is a clear antonym of this theory. Well, thirdly, gray is an exceptional color. It is the only color that does not have an opposite, such as red/green, black/white. Therefore, for the theater team, this exclusivity is also freedom. Freedom to be unlike anyone else and create without regard to censorship and narrow-minded restrictions.

In its direction and style, the Gray Theater is the first theater of sensual (erotic) psychoanalysis in the CIS and throughout the world. With this phrase, he demonstrates the fusion of two important components of his style: eroticism is primarily internal, although in part it breaks out, as well as psychologism as a method of working with material in line with Freudian psychoanalysis. To put it simply, without boring the viewer with philosophies, theater performances convey important thoughts and states, framing it in a bright and “tasty” wrapper in all understandings.

The Gray Theater’s repertoire already includes 8 unusual performances – psychological dramas, thrillers with elements of eroticism, retro melodramas, as well as the first SoloPerformance in Ukraine. The roles are played by incredibly beautiful actors. Original direction, stunning musical accompaniment, stylish costumes and exceptional atmosphere – all this will undoubtedly appeal to connoisseurs of theatrical art.

Where is the gray theater of sensory psychoanalysis?

Yaroslavov Val Street, 7 (House of Actor)