Republican Clinical Hospital (burn center)

The construction of a republican clinical hospital on the shore of Domanya Bay (Desenka River) on the outskirts of the Troeshchina residential area began after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It was planned to build a medical center with 1,200 beds, with helipads and access infrastructure, on a site of 20 hectares. At the beginning of the 1990s, they wanted to repurpose the institution into an infectious diseases hospital with 550 beds and a medical consultation center, but after the collapse of the USSR, construction froze, although at the entrance to the medical center they had already almost completed the construction of a church, and nearby there was a parking lot for ambulances and medical workers .

In 1995, an agreement was concluded between Ukrgazprom and the Scientific Research Medical Association on joint activities to complete the construction of this hospital complex. During 1995-1998, Ukrgazprom financed construction work for almost 230 million hryvnia, but nothing was done. At the end of 2004, the Kyiv City State Administration issued an order to continue the construction of the first stage of the Republican General Hospital on this site, designed for at least 1,000 beds. It was planned to place an advisory clinic on the territory of the hospital, capable of receiving up to 1000 visitors per shift.

According to primary calculations, the cost of building the hospital in 2004 should have been 1,500,000 hryvnia, including 1,000,000 hryvnia from the state budget and 250,000 hryvnia from the city treasury. The customer was determined to be a “Research Medical Association”. “Kievinvestservice” was chosen as the general contractor. The city administration expected to commission the hospital turnkey at the beginning of 2006. Before construction began, the medical facility consisting of 5 buildings was already more than 80% ready. The last attempt to complete the construction of the republican clinical hospital (burn center) was made against the backdrop of the upcoming Euro 2012 sporting event, but was also unsuccessful.

Judging by media reports, they are trying to bankrupt the company, to which responsibilities for completing the construction of the hospital have been transferred since 1995, and to sell the plot of more than 20 hectares (most likely for residential development, since it is literally a couple of hundred meters from the burn center there is a cottage town “Desnyansky”; on the site of the reclaimed site for this town, there were previously dacha plots of the “Chernobyl survivors”, which were allocated to them in 1991 by the village council of the village of Troeshchina without the right to capital construction and the privatization of which they were subsequently denied).

Where is the Republican Clinical Hospital (burn center)?