Skyscrapers of Kyiv


BC “Parus” (133.2 meters, 33 floors)

Business center “Parus” is a unique architectural complex. This is a class A office building, designed by a team of foreign and Ukrainian architects and engineers. The building successfully operates a “conference center”, ready to receive up to 400 guests at a time. There are only 11 elevators in the building: 8 high-speed (speed 6 and 4 m/s) from Otis (from the first to the 34th floor the elevator takes people in 17 seconds), one firefighter and two parking elevators from Thyssen Krupp Elevator. 4-level parking for 300 cars and free bicycle parking for 12 bicycles.

Where is the Parus business center?

Mechnikova street, 2A


Business center “Gulliver” (141.7 meters, 35 floors)

It is the tallest office skyscraper in Ukraine. The complex consists of two blocks: a 35-storey business center and a 10-storey entertainment complex. The shopping center has 34 Thyssenkrupp Elevator elevators (4 of them are panoramic in the atrium), the entertainment center has 16 escalators and 2 Thyssenkrupp Elevator travelators. Utilities: autonomous boiler room, emergency diesel generator and three transformer substations. Underground 3-level parking for 600 cars, as well as regular parking for 150 cars.

Where is the Gulliver business center?

Sports Square, 1A


Residential complex “Klovsky” (168 meters, 47 floors)

The two-section skyscraper consists of a 47-story residential complex and an 18-story office center; the sections are connected by an 8-story “transition.” As of 2018, the building is the tallest skyscraper in Ukraine. The building has 6 high-speed elevators that move at a speed of 4 m/s. The house was designed to have exactly as many floors as airport pilots allowed; according to chief architect Andrei Mazur, planes are already flying just above the skyscraper.

Where is the Klovsky residential complex?

Klovsky descent, 7

This review of Kyiv skyscrapers lists only those buildings whose height exceeds 130 meters (all readings are based on roof height, without spire or decorative superstructures). Residential buildings in Kyiv began to increase the number of floors and, accordingly, their height – it is for this reason that the lower limit of the height of skyscrapers was set at 130 meters, because this is already becoming the norm. The review of Kyiv skyscrapers will be updated as new buildings appear.