Palace entrance

Many residents of Kyiv have heard about the fabulous entrance in Troeshchyna, which was dismantled in 2017 after the author of this very psychedelic creation sold apartment, but the new owners of the living space did not like it all. But not so far away, in the Dnieper region, pensioner Vladimir Chaika turned 3 landings in the house where he lives into a kind of palace. The walls along the staircase are decorated with beautiful stucco with gilding and antique stylized portraits of women, and the walls are covered with photo wallpapers with nature, animals…

It took about 15 years to create this whole thing and, unlike the fabulous entrance of Tatyana Pika, whose neighbors were dissatisfied with her work, Chaika’s work was liked by the residents of his house. Vladimir is interested in art and history of the 17th and 18th centuries, worked as a foreman in the capital’s metro, then moved to the depot in Obolon and was engaged in the repair of buildings and structures. There I met a man who was engaged in sculpting – he showed him how to cast different figures and when he retired, he donated his molds for casting stucco.

The master is most proud of the garbage chute, which he converted into an antique column with atlases. Nearby on the ceiling are angels and the sun. Since almost all the garbage chutes in Kyiv are welded shut, Vladimir decided to turn it into a work of art – why waste it? The elevator in the house is also decorated – mirrors in elaborate frames hang on its walls. Local residents and curious guests have already dubbed this entrance the Louvre, the Hermitage and Versailles.

Where is the palace entrance?

Raduzhnaya Street, 11A (entrance No. 6)