Fairytale entrance

Troyeshchyna is the most ordinary residential area in Kyiv, but its local resident Tatyana Pika decided to diversify the gray tones of the floor in the house where she lived and eventually created an art object known throughout the city. She has been creating this object for more than 5 years and neighbor children helped her with this. They brought her toys, pebbles, shells, glass… and all this gradually organically fit into the walls of the floor by the artist. The creation of the entire sculpture took several tons of cement and other building materials (and Tatiana’s apartment was completely redesigned in the same way as what was done on the floor), which she bought at her own expense and did everything entirely with her own hands.

Even stones from India, Greece, Crimea, the Carpathians and China, which were brought by the artist’s acquaintances, were walled up in the walls. She also used paint that glows in the dark to paint individual elements of the art object – the effect was truly fabulous and mesmerizing. But not all residents of the house were happy with such a manifestation of art… Not only were they clearly worried about the excessive load on the structure of the house of this multi-ton sculpture and the issue of fire safety due to the excessively narrow passages on the floor, but also after publication in Mass media information about this fabulous entrance to the house began to attract crowds of curious people.

Pressure from the public intensified and even reached the point of deliberate destruction of individual elements of the sculpture, after neither requests to Tatyana Pika nor inquiries to various authorities brought positive results. Soon the woman decided to sell the apartment, but at a higher price due to its artistic value. There were no takers and the housing was sold at market price. In 2017, the new owner carried out a complete dismantling of all the sculptures on the floor and in the artist’s apartment.

Where was the fairytale entrance?

Radunskaya street, 26, floor 13