Cycle track

The first Kiev cycle track was located at 77 Bibikovsky Boulevard (now Taras Shevchenko Boulevard). On May 23, 1899, the first bicycle races took place on the bicycle track, which were organized by the Kyiv Cyclists Society. The second Kiev cycle track, on the initiative of Kiev resident Ivan Filippovich Belenko, was built in 1913 and was located in the courtyard between Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Chapaev streets.

The cycle track was built on the site of Afanasyevsky Yar, which was filled in at the end of the 19th century. Spring, rain and melt water flowed through this ravine into the valley of the Lybid River. A cycle track was built in the central part of the filled-in ravine, in the floodplain of the Lybid River. Belenko, applied in May 1912 to the provincial government for permission to build a bicycle track and a wooden pavilion at 58 Fundukleevskaya Street:

“I have the honor to ask the Provincial Board to issue me permission to build a bicycle track and a wooden pavilion with it in estate No. 58 on Fundukleevskaya Street.”

Permission was also obtained from the city architect Alexander Krivosheev and the vice-governor. The resolution read:

“…it is allowed for I. F. Bilenko to arrange according to the presented project, in Kiev, in the estate at No. 58, on Fundukleevskaya Street bicycle track with a wooden canopy, but with:
1) so that 2 fire hydrants are installed;
2) so that the electric lighting wires are in copper tubes…;
3) so that the construction of the track and pavilion is reported to the construction department.”

The festive opening of the cycling track took place in 1913 and was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov. Rental and repair of bicycles, motorcycles and cars were organized. The summer theater “Polar Star” with an orchestra was located near the track. The cycling track belonged to the Avangard sports society. The first renovation was carried out in 1939. The design assignment had the following comments:

«…a) a fence and entrance to the cycle track from the street. Lenin is considered necessary to solve thoroughly;
b) leave the stands on the eastern side, as proposed by the project, taking into account the availability of a ready-made place on the slope and the impossibility of cutting off the territory at the expense of the park;
c) in the further development of the project, pay special attention to checking the visibility in these stands. The location of the line elevations creates changes in the “place” of visibility, especially at the most interesting places on the track – turns.”

The first major reconstruction was carried out in 1967. An administrative building was built with many rooms to accommodate teams, a grandstand for 5,000 seats, and the concrete surface of the cycling track was completely renovated. In 1978-80, the second major reconstruction of the facility was carried out. The track surface was completely changed – the concrete surface was covered with wood on top – 200 square meters of Siberian larch. As a result of the reconstruction, the maximum speed increased to 85 km/h. In 1991, the worn-out wooden sheet was replaced again with concrete. In 1998, one of the oldest cycling tracks in Europe was recognized as a historical and architectural monument and received protection number 336. A major overhaul and ironing of the cycling track surface was carried out, which increased the speed characteristics of the track.

But in August 2007, by decree of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Kiev cycle track was deprived of the status of a historical monument, and in March 2009 it was partially demolished and a residential multi-storey building and a parking lot were built adjacent to it. Only in 2014 the work of the cycle track was partially restored – construction debris was removed and the concrete surface of the corner sector was restored. In 2016, a major reconstruction of the cycle track track, the administrative building, reconstruction of the underground passage to the track, construction of an underground parking lot and reorganization of the adjacent territory were carried out. In May 2017, the second opening of the cycling track was held, and a training schedule was established for athletes and everyone.

Where is the cycling track?

Vyacheslav Lipinsky Street, 15