Eiffel Tower in Kyiv

Эйфелева башня в Киеве

The Eiffel Tower is a metal tower in the center of Paris, its most recognizable architectural landmark. Named after chief designer Gustave Eiffel; Eiffel himself simply called it a “300-meter tower.” The tower, which later became the symbol of Paris, was built in 1889 and was originally intended as a temporary structure to serve as … Read more

Kyiv Electric Transport Plant (KETP)

Киевский завод электротранспорта (КЗЭТ)

During its existence, KZET produced 9 serial models of trolleybuses (including 2 freight models) and 6 types of passenger trams. He produced special tram cars (repair, service, training) in small quantities and carried out repairs of trolleybuses, trams and metro cars. Minor renovations are still ongoing. The Kiev Electric Transport Plant was founded in 1904. … Read more