Academic theater “Kyiv modern ballet”

In 2006, on the initiative and with the full financial support of the Ukrainian philanthropist Vladimir Filippov, Radu Poklitaru created the author’s theater “Kyiv Modern Ballet”. As a result of the all-Ukrainian casting, 16 young dancers were selected. It is noteworthy that the presence of an academic ballet education was not a necessary condition for admission to the troupe. The official date of birth of the team is October 25, 2006. On this day in Kyiv, on the stage of National Drama Theater named after Franko the premiere of the ballet in two episodes “Carmen. TV”. For its debut performance, the theater immediately received 2 “Kiev Pectoral” awards – in the categories “Best Performance of the Year” and “Best Work of a Ballet Master.” The performer of the role of Carmen Olga Kondakova was nominated as “Best Actress”.

In conditions of creative freedom, together with artists Anna Ipatieva and Andrei Zlobin, Radu Poklitaru in a short period of time creates a rich repertoire of the theater, turning Kiev Modern Ballet from a debutant in the Ukrainian theatrical world into an absolute leader in the field of modern choreography. Performances at festivals in France (“Time to Love”, Biarritz), Moldova (“E. Ionesco Biennale”), Thailand (“Music and Dance Festival”, Bangkok), Russia (“Mask Plus” program of the Golden Mask festival 2009 and 2010, Moscow and the “New Horizons” festival of the Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg) speak of the recognition of the group by the international artistic community. Since 2009, the Kyiv Modern Ballet Theater has been part of the Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet Theater for children and youth.

Where is the academic theater “Kyiv Modern Ballet”?

Mezhigorskaya street, 2
+38 (044) 425 49 31