Willow Grove Park

Парк Ивовая роща

The park is located near Rusanovskaya embankment and includes the Bereznyaki (beach) recreation area. The area of the park is about 10 hectares. Walking paths run along the Dnieper River. In the green area there is a children’s and sports grounds, a rope park, a cafe and the Church of St. Prince Yaroslav the Wise. … Read more

Aurora Park

Парк Аврора

The park has an area of 8 hectares, named after the 800-seat Aurora cinema, which was located at the beginning of the park and was built in 1966. In 2005, the cinema was demolished and a shopping and entertainment center was built in its place. Aurora Park contains a Seventh-day Adventist Church, a children’s playground, … Read more

Park DShK

Парк ДШК

The park began to be created in 1956 by workers of the now defunct Darnitsa Silk Spinning Mill and was officially opened in 1969. The area of the green zone is 14 hectares on which mainly deciduous trees are planted (linden, maple and others). In 2015, the park was reconstructed. There are only walking paths, … Read more

Desnyansky Park

Деснянский парк

Troyeshchina developed gradually, so a vacant lot was allocated near the building of the district executive committee for the future development of the administrative center. But since nothing was built there for a long time, local residents began to plant trees in this place and over time, Desnyansky Park appeared here. It was formed as … Read more

Molodezhny Park

Парк Молодежный

The park was formed as a green area on the new Vygurovshchina-Troyeshchina residential area in the mid-1990s and was officially opened in 1997, but it was planned to its modern form only after 2004. Today the park has properly laid out alleys, the number of trees is about 800, 2000 bushes, and the area of … Read more